Is a move into drilling possible for a 41 year old Chemistry Graduate?

Sun, Aug 4 2013 08:41am IST 1
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I graduated with a Bsc in Chemistry in 1997 and rather than doing an MSc in Drilling Engineering (which I have regretted for many years) I ended up going to work in IT in the Financial Services Industry writing bond trading applications for investment banks.

Whilst the pay is good, the job satisfaction is not there and having realised that I still have another 20 - 25 years until retirement, I feel I need to move industries. I have always been a hands on person and have always found the oil / gas drilling sector very interesting.

With drilling for shale gas in the UK about to take off I was thinking that would now be a potentially good time to look at retraining opportunities?

Would love to hear what people think about this and whether at 41 I will find it very difficult to break into the sector, or will my years of working in the corporate sector actually be a benefit to me finding something?

I am currently looking at 1 year courses (maybe MSc) to get the required training, but only want to consider it if the possibility of securing a role is likely.


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