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My name is Daniel van Niekerk, I am a Private Client Advisor with BD Wealth Managemet from Kuwait, also known as "The Oil & Gas guy®" on FaceBook.

Recent changes in legislation mean that you pension fund can now be passed to your family, not your previous employer !
Find out how BD Wealth can help you take control of your pensions.

The Oil & Gas guy® is the undisputed financial advisor of choice to the Oil & Gas sector in SE Asia and Africa. Join the likes of Schlumberger, BP, Esso, Petronas and other major companies who put their personal financial matters in the hands of The Oil & Gas guy®

Wealth Management involves the active collaboration among all the working parts of one's financial life. Much like a symphony being out of tune when the different instruments are working independent of one another, your financial plan is out of tune when your investment portfolio is not aligned with your goals or your advisors are working independent of one another.

At BD Wealth Management, we work with you to align all aspects of your financial life. By asking questions not usually asked by others (or possibly even not considered by you), we help you contemplate and discover what you would ultimately like to accomplish. We travel the road with you, guiding you through the different issues and financial mazes that prevent you from getting on with the things you enjoy most in life. This proactive relationship often leads to greater financial security and, ultimately, peace of mind, with the knowledge that "someone is watching out for me."


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    This Oil & Gas guy is happily married and interested in ANY relatioship proposals, thank you !
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  • Financial_Advisor_Uganda
    by Financial_Advisor_Uganda 6 years ago
    This Oil & Gas guy is happily married and interested in ANY relatioship proposals, thank you !
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